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TOUR “SHOPPING TAI BANGKOK”–Bangkok Shopping Private Tour

August 10, 2010

Bangkok la thanh pho lon nhat  Thailand, khu do thi phon hoa hien dai voi nhieu nha cao tang, khu mua sam do so nhu tap doan Central, Paragon, MBK….Ngoai cac khu mua sam lon, cac ban con duoc vao cac khu cho dem, khu cho ban gia si (danh cho cac ban mua so luong nhieu). Nhung noi nay da tao nen mot Bangkok du mau sac, gom nhieu the loai cac mat hang tu quan ao, do luu niem, my pham, trang suc … voi nhieu gia ca khac nhau. Tha ho ban lua chon va mac suc tra gia. Ngoai ra, ban con co the lam quen voi he thong xe dien tren khong BTS va xe dien ngam MRT o day,cai ma Viet Nam chung ta chua co.

Noi chung, minh to chuc tour nay cho cac ban yeu thich mua sam, thich hang Thailand va dac biet cac ban muon du lich tu tuc sang Bangkok nhung khong ranh duong di nuoc buoc o day. Minh biet co nhieu ban khong thich di tour theo doan vi cam thay go bo va mat tu do lam nhung gi minh thich. Bay gio chung ta da co the de dang du lich sang Thailand ma khong can visa trong vong 30 ngay. Vi ly do do, tour ca nhan nay ra doi de giup cac ban tre Viet Nam co co hoi hoc hoi o Thailand.

Tour duoc to chuc trong ngay, bat dau tu luc  2 gio chieu va ket thuc luc 8g toi. Trong do cac ban se duoc dan toi cac khu mua sam hien dai va cac cho dem o day. Minh cung se gioi thieu cac ban cac mon an pho bien o Thailand.

Gia tour:     1500 Thai Bahts (tour 1 nguoi)

                           1000 Bahts/ nguoi (tour 2 nguoi)

                           700 Bahts/ nguoi ( tu 3 nguoi tro len)

Luu y:  Gia tour tren chi bao gom phi minh huong dan cac ban thoi. Con tien xe co, an uong cac ban tu tra. Va minh cung tu tra chi phi xe co, an uong cho ban than minh. Neu cac ban co thac mac gi thi lien he email cho minh. Cam on cac ban.


Bangok where is a trendyand gaudy urban area  is the largest city of Thailand with plenty of high buildings, huge shopping centers such as The Central’s, Paragon, MBK ect.  According to those shopping malls, you can also visit night bazaars, whole sale markets ( for those who are looking for big quantity). All of that has made  a colourful Bangkok  with many different kinds of items as clothes, souvenirs, cosmetics and jewelry ect with  different prices. You will have pleasure of having your alternatives and negotiation of prices.  Moreover, you will have a chance to try the skytrains (BTS) and subways (MRT) that there havent been in Vietnam yet.

In general, i am making this tour for those who love shopping, fancy Thai style goods and especially for who like to travel by themselves to Bangkok, but yet have no idea of how to get around there. I know that some people do not like  traveling with agencies because of the feelings of discomfort and no freedom of what they like to do. Nowaday, it is quite easy for us to go to Thailand without a visa for a duration of 30 days. As a result, this private tour has been made to provide young Vietnamese people an opportunity to explore Thailand.

The tour is within the day that is started from 3pm to 8pm. You will brought to trendy shopping centers and even the night bazaars during the time. I will recommend you popular Thai cuisine as well.

Tour price:     1500 Thai Bahts       ( only one person tour )

                               1000 Bahts/ person  ( 2 persons tour )

                               700 Bahts/ person    ( start from 3 persons)

Note:   The price aboce is only included of guiding fee. You have to take care of your own transpotation fare and food. I will pay for my own too. Please email me for further information. Thank you!


  1. Anonymous permalink

    Funny a travel company but no contact number anywhere !

    Is this a “ghost” company ? real ? trustful ?

  2. Chỉ với một cái click chuột, các bạn sẽ có rất nhiều sự lựa chọn về sản phẩm dịch vụ hiện đang khuyến mãi.

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